Can any type of electric fence chargers perform their intended purpose?

No, you must only use devices that meet the industry standards. Not using industry-certified " electric fence chargers " poses significant risk that must not be taken.

How far should the posts be spaced?

5 m is the ideal post spacing.

How to choose an electric fence charger?

If there is a mains energy source near the area, then the most cost-effective solution is the plug-in electric fence charger.
If there is no access to a mains energy source, then we recommend a charger with a 5.6 – 9 V alkaline battery, a 12 V battery that can be supplemented with solar panels. The length of the fence should correspond to the manufacturer’s performance parameters regardless of the number of strands in the fence (the more strands in the fence, the better the efficiency).


Clos 2000 plug-in electric fence charger:

  • Impulse top current:10 KV
  • Stored energy:4 Joule

Operational system length with appropriate insulation:

  • Without vegetation: 35 Km
  • In case of medium vegetation: 7 Km
  • In case of heavy vegetation: 4 Km.

In what way and how deep should the posts be installed?

The posts are driven into the ground by a hydraulic post driver, the end posts to a depth of 100 cm and the wire-holding posts to minimum 80 cm.

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Request professional assistance during installation by calling our customer service hotline or you may refer to our FAQ menu for questions relevant to you.

It is recommended that the area is to be measured to establish the length of all runs since there may be as much as +/-  20% difference in the required material in the case of a relatively small, 4-hectare area.

a. 4 ha = 800 fm                                              



b. 4 ha= 1000 fm